The Green Kralee is a weak insectoid creature that is seen in the Temple Grounds. Like the related Kralee, the species that it is a mutant form of, it has a crystal located on its back. However, unlike the regular Kralee's crystal, which is reddish in color, this structure is green (hence the name), and cannot open dimensional gates as the regular creature's crystal can; thus, the Green Kralee has what is essentially a genetic defect.

Green Kralees are present in Industrial Site, Agon Transport Access and Collapsed Tunnel.

Logbook entryEdit

Green Kralee

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Green Kralee
Omnivorous hunter-gatherer. Simpleminded creature patrols turf in search of nourishment. Low threat index. Avoid physical contact.

Logbook entry

A cousin to the dimensional-shifting Kralee, the Green Kralee spends most of its days roaming in search of food. A genetic defect prevents its back crystal from harnessing energy and opening warp portals. It is doubtful the Green Kralee misses this ability.

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