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Greg Luzniak

Greg Luzniak is a Los Angeles-based video game conceptual artist who has worked in video games, comics books and animation. He worked for Retro Studios from 2000-2001 as a concept artist for Metroid Prime and the cancelled Raven Blade (mispelled RuneBlade in his resume). His Prime artwork depicts Kraid, a Flying Pirate, the Parasite Queen and the IceBoss, with the former and latter creatures being scrapped bosses for the game. He is uncredited in the final product.

He went on to design for Deus Ex: Invisible War at Ion Storm, the Command & Conquer series at Electronic Arts. Outside of video games, he published a children's book, Three Goats Gruff[1], that was successfully funded through a Kickstarter. Luzniak began working freelance in 2015.


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