Grenchlers are amphibious predators that live in Torvus Bog, Aether. They will attack anything that moves with their jaws and fire energy bursts when it can't reach its prey.

The shell on the Grenchler's back is susceptible to explosives and once its shell is removed, the Grenchler is vulnerable to attack from behind. However, it is usually a better strategy to use Charge Beam shots - even the charged Power Beam does more damage than missiles, and although missiles achieve a better fire rate, this usually does not mean much as the shell is usually vulnerable for short periods of time, so when fighting them it is best to keep the equipped beam charged, and attack when they become vulnerable. Interestingly, Grenchlers fade away more slowly than other enemies, so they can be scanned even when dead. In Dark Torvus Bog, Samus battles Dark Grenchlers, which are Ing-possessed Grenchlers.

The Grenchlers fought during the game are most likely adolescents or even infants, as much larger carcasses can be seen in Temple Grounds and Torvus Bog. 242 shots from Federation weaponry were required to bring one down, while another was electrocuted on exposed wires, foreshadowing the Grapple Guardian encounter, which is also an adult Grenchler, albeit possessed by an Ing who stole Samus's Grapple Beam.


Creature similaritiesEdit

Grenchler rip

A Grenchler

Grenchlers are similar to the Baby Sheegoths, from Metroid Prime. This is mainly based on the two creatures' similar behavior and attack patterns, as well as the existence of a larger variant and "boss" form of the species (Sheegoth and the Grapple Guardian, along with the previously mentioned large, dead Grenchlers).

A Baby Sheegoth

The key differences besides appearance is the Grenchler's ability to jump and swim underwater, both skills that Sheegoths do not have. In fact Sheegoths are incapable of swimming and will die if knocked into water. Also, Sheegoths attack by breathing ice, while Grenchlers attack with bolts of electricity and are seemingly more agile than the former Sheegoths. Grenchlers deal more damage as well; at close range they will use a powerful impaling attack, and at long range they will rely on firing strong, guided bolts of electricity which are much harder to evade than the ice blast of a Baby Sheegoth. However, the Baby Sheegoth is capable of freezing its target.

As it is mentioned off-handedly in Echoes that the Luminoth and Chozo had interacted in the past, it leads to a possibility that the two space-faring species may have exchanged local flora and fauna. These introduced lifeforms could have been genetically modified or simply allowed to evolve into their new habitat. This conclusion explains the similarities of many dual-planet species, such as War Wasps, Triclops/Mechlops and Grenchlers/Sheegoths. It also explains the similarities between organisms seen on Tallon IV and life-form styled mechanoids seen on Aether.
Another theory is that Grenchlers and Sheegoths are examples of convergent evolution.

Official dataEdit

Logbook entryEdit


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Grenchler
Water-based reptilian predator. Well armored and deadly at any range. Its back shell is vulnerable to explosive blasts, however.

Logbook entry

The amphibious Grenchler lurks in marsh areas in search of prey. Fearless, it will spring from hiding and attack anything that moves. If it is unable to fell its prey with its powerful jaws, it will fire a potent burst of energy at them. Grenchlers have one weak spot-a genetic defect makes the shell on their back susceptible to explosive blasts. Remove the shell to expose a vulnerable nerve center, then target it to eliminate the creature.


Hive Chamber B 4

Hive Chamber B

Deceased Grenchler (Command Chamber)
"Bioscan complete. Unknown bioform. Zero lifesigns. Scans indicate target was recently terminated. 242 wounds from trooper high-energy weapons detected."
Deceased Grenchler 2 (Hive Chamber B)
"Bioscan complete. Unknown bioform. Zero lifesigns. Cause of death: Cardiac arrest due to electrocution. Subject was ensnared in a network of live wires leading from an active power core."
Deceased Grenchler 3 (Hive Chamber B)
"Bioscan complete. Unknown bioform. Zero lifesigns. Evidence suggests target was caught in a power cell explosion. Cellular breakdown from radiation exposure present in 72% of target's biomass."

Metroid Prime 2: Dark Echoes Q&AEdit

QUESTION: In the Space Pirate stronghold, if you look at the monitors, it seems like they have the concept of having pets. Is this true? From the outside I cannot imagine what sort of pets they would have.

ANSWER: If there are any wildlife that they like, they can take them in as pets. It seems like they like Grenchlers, for example. Personally, I thought it would be fun to walk a Shrieker on a leash...[1]


  • If killed under special circmustances when up against the second ledge of the Forgotten Bridge's upper level, a Grenchler might forego its dramatic death throes, and simply freeze for a few seconds in its normal, upright posture before fading away as normal.
  • The Grenchlers, along with the Grapple Guardian, have body structures very similar to the ones belonging to Motos, Gigafraugs, as well as both infant and mature Sheegoths. These creatures' designs may have inspired the creation of one another.
  • Grenchlers appear to have eight eyes visible on each side of their head, with an additional eye behind the lower jaw.
  • Grenchlers can jump very high, reaching raised platforms. They can also swim faster than Samus can walk with the Gravity Booster.
  • If a Grenchler is killed underwater, they will slowly rise to the top and won't begin to fade away until it reaches the surface or an unavoidable obstacle.