Metroid: Other M

Grippers (known on as mobile flytraps) are small animals that resemble Venus flytraps and appear in Metroid: Other M. They appear to be a form of ambush predator, lying immobile in well-traveled areas of the BOTTLE SHIP's Biosphere disguised as harmless plants, hiding just below the surface of soil, or occasionally roaming above ground in active search of prey.

When Samus approaches, they will dislodge themselves and attempt to eat her, hopping about by means of two wide, leaf-like "wings" or quickly tunneling into the ground to attack from beneath. If they are successful in ensnaring Samus, they will rapidly drain her energy though she can use a Bomb to break their grip. When active they are vulnerable to all weapons, but when in their "resting" state they are completely invincible.


Poison Grippers[1] are smaller, purple-colored Grippers that make no effort to conceal themselves and are considerably weaker than their brethren. This subspecies is considerably more mobile and will pursue Samus for longer.

Nintendo Official Guidebook for Metroid Other MEdit

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JP Other M Guide 158

Page 158.

"Grippers are flower-like, plant-type enemies with a mean bite. If they bite you, you'll take a lot of damage, but they can be avoided by entering Morph Ball mode. The Poison Gripper is in the same series."


  • The creatures can be seen feeding on Reos when not fighting Samus.
  • Said Reos will often swarm around the Grippers in large groups, seemingly unconcerned by the larger creatures' consumption of their fellows.
  • Grippers resemble a Bryyonian venus flytrap.
  • Throughout the Biosphere, inanimate flytrap-like plants appear that strongly resemble Grippers. Whether the flytraps are related to Grippers in some way is unknown.
  • The Gripper's tactic of tunneling below its target is also employed by the similarly-named Griptians and Mighty Griptians.
  • Interestingly, both regular and Mighty Griptians also appear to possess leaf-like appendages similar to the Gripper's.
  • There is a glitch where if a Power Bomb is deployed right before the Gripper eats Samus, the Gripper remains unaffected and continues consuming Samus as if nothing happened.
  • Although Grippers possess a great many plant-like characteristics,translated concept art reveals that the creatures are in fact merely animals mimicking plants. It is unknown, however, if the resemblance is purely cosmetic or if deeper aspects of the Gripper's physiology are shared with the plant kingdom.
  • This plant-like physiology is shared by another creature unique to the BOTTLE SHIP, the Groganch.
  • Grippers are similar to Samus Eaters from Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, in that they are both carnivorous plants that entrap prey, specifically Samus, within a large flower-like mouth.
  • Concept art for the Gripper states that it has many variations and subspecies. [1]