For the boss creatures in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, see Guardian (Boss)

A Guardian is a mechanoid found in Metroid Prime Hunters. They were created by the Alimbics to guard important areas. They can use one weapon that differs from Guardian to Guardian. Like the Bounty Hunters, if Samus shoots one in the head it will take more damage than from one elsewhere. They make a high-pitched squealing noise wherever they are hit. They are often found in rooms with Alimbic Artifacts in them, and will sometimes block Samus' escape during Countdowns.

Guardians were kept in stasis at the Stasis Bunker in the Vesper Defense Outpost and there are also dead Guardians jamming a Door in the same room. First-person cutscenes depict them with a fisheye lens.



Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

Specifically designed to guard the ALIMBIC ORDER, these automatons are now programmed to serve in its absence. These intelligent androids often travel in packs. Attacking with energy projectiles produced by three small fusion generators located in the cranium.


  • When the first Guardian appears, it is peering around the Helm Room from its ceiling, suggesting that the Guardians can cling to surfaces upside down. However, this ability is never used in-battle.
  • The Guardians are not encountered until after Samus receives the first Octolith, implying that the Guardians were alerted as soon as Samus obtained the artifact.
  • Guardians can be defeated relatively quickly using charged Missiles.