Gummy spit

"Gummy spit"[1] , "gray goo" or "gooey sputem"[sic][2] are the only names used to refer to a grey, sticky mucus secreted by the monstrous creature known as Draygon. In Super Metroid, Samus fights Draygon in the depths of Maridia. After swooping across its lair a certain amount of times, Draygon will emerge from the side and begin to unleash a dozen or so globs of this mucus. It can ensnare Samus, and if it does, her movements will be slowed down. Draygon uses this mucus to scoop up Samus and deal a high amount of damage to her. It is possible for Samus to be entangled in the mucus and not be caught by Draygon, at which point the glob will disperse. Getting caught in it can be advantageous, however. If Samus is caught and has destroyed the Wall Cannon covers, she can Grapple one of them while Draygon is holding her and thus become an electricity conductor. This will quickly kill Draygon, although Samus will receive a significant amount of damage. The mucus has the same sprite as the Boyon creature, recolored grey.


  1. ^ Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide, page 108: "Avoid its gummy spit. If it slimes you, you're stuck. It will attack with its razor-sharp tail while you're immobile."
  2. ^ Super Metroid PAL guide

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