Gunzoos are mechanical defense drones in Metroid II: Return of Samus that attack any intruder near it. Gunzoos are equipped with two automatic weapons aimed forward, and have the ability to levitate. When they fire, a backward piece of armor blows back, very similarly to a modern automatic weapon ejecting ammunition shells. They fire incendiary shells that deal a moderate amount of damage, which cause small explosions on environment surfaces. These robots do take a lot to destroy with normal beam weapons, but the Plasma Beam makes short work of them.

Official Media Edit

Metroid II manual
"This multi-gunned robot fires at anything that moves."

Metroid: Samus Returns Official Guide

Inhabitants & Eco System of SR388 (p. 20)
"Gunzoos function more as obstacles than as threats. Their movement is confined to a single laser rail while they persistently fire a laser in their target’s general direction. A Gunzoo can change the trajectory of its laser in one of two directions, depending on the angle of its rail. Overall, they don’t present a great threat and can be easily avoided if you keep moving when you see one."
Walkthrough (p. 143)
"The Gunzoo is another member of the Chozo security system. This robotic enemy only moves along the green rail it’s mounted to, so pay close attention to the rail to figure out where you can go to avoid them. A Gunzoo’s laser is its primary method of attack, which it fires in a straight line in an attempt to drag it over or under you and deal damage. Gunzoos are easy to avoid if you don’t stand still while near them. They’re also destructible, but you’re better off avoiding them whenever possible."


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