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The Halfy is a Speedrunning trick that can be performed in Super Metroid. It involves using the Speed Booster to Shinespark halfway across one of the last rooms in Maridia, in order to partially skip the section in which the player would have to perform difficult Wall Jumps using the Grapple Beam. It is performed by starting the speed boost two rooms back (the room after Botwoon), and charging the Shinespark in the Grapple shaft with the Mochtroids. Next, the player quickly wall jumps up to the Blue Door at the top, and in the next room, jumps to the top of the room and shinesparks sideways. The player will most likely hit one of the brickwork sections protruding from the ceiling halfway across the room, hence the name.

Full HalfyEdit

Another variant of the Halfy is known as the Full Halfy and is even more difficult to pull off. It requires the player to shinespark at just the right time in order to make it all the way across the room, saving even more time in a Speedrun. If a player is skilled enough, they can perform a Full Halfy, then, as they defeat Draygon, acquire the Blue Suit glitch, and perform a Reverse Halfy and shinespark all the way across the room again, skipping it entirely. Below is a video showing the Full Halfy being performed. 

Super Metroid Full Halfy!!00:21

Super Metroid Full Halfy!!


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