Mogenar Regenerates

Mogenar generating the attack

The Hand of Ur is an attack that is used by Mogenar in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Occasionally, Mogenar will fire green holographic hands surrounded by runic symbols from its own hands that will either seek Samus to harm her (she is able to destroy them by shooting them), or fly to the corners of the room to collect new energy orbs for Mogenar, slowly flying back. Samus must destroy these as well or have to destroy the regenerated orbs once more. They are named in concept art of the game.


  • The Hand of Ur appears to be a magic-based construct. It is known that this particular Mogenar was built to utilize both ancient magic and technology.
Mogenar Concept
  • The Hand of Ur is strikingly similar to Move, an attack in the Golden Sun series of video games. However, unlike Move, the Hand of Ur will not push Samus away. The Move hand is also more solid and indestructible, unlike the Hand of Ur which acts like glass.
  • Ur was the name of a powerful Bronze Age city-state in ancient Sumer (modern-day Iraq).
  • When destroyed, the hands will shatter into the symbols they are assembled of.

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