Hazing Cliff is a room in Ing Hive from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is a small, simple hallway that has a large drop on the right, from which a Dark Tallon Metroid arises. Samus can continue on to find the end of the hallway, which has a Missile Expansion blocked off by two Dark Diligence Drones.

The Aetherian version of this room is Agon Transport Access.

Connecting roomsEdit

Hazing Cliff Missile Expansion


1 Dark Tallon Metroid
"Morphology: Dark Tallon Metroid
Darkling-possessed energy parasite.
Symbiote makes target stronger in battle. Vulnerable to concussive blasts. Dislikes bright light."
2 Dark Diligence Drones
"Mechanism: Dark "Diligence" Drone
Darkling-possessed maintenance unit.
Unit gains strength from Ing symbiote. A high-powered burst of light energy can damage it."


Missile Expansion
Behind the Dark Diligence Drone on the far side of the room.

Trivia Edit

This room features the only Dark Tallon Metroid found in the Ing Hive, as well as the only Dark Diligence Drones.

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