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Heavy Transport Crate 1

Industrial Site

A Heavy Transport Crate is an object appearing in the Industrial Site and Temple Assembly Site rooms in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It is an indestructible, rectangular prism-shaped crate.

In Industrial Site, Samus must scan an Interface Module to cause the industrial winch system that connects to the crate to lift it out of the way. In Temple Assembly Site, it can be seen moving on the winch system up to a complete stop during Samus' entrance. Samus can scan another Interface Module to lower it. However, the failing winch system will result in the cable connection weakening. Samus can sever the cable by firing her Charge Beam at a weak spot. Another Heavy Transport Crate can be seen in the room, but does not appear in gameplay.


Heavy Transport Crate 2

Temple Assembly Site

"Object scan complete. This is a Heavy Transport Crate. Unit cannot be destroyed. Currently connected to industrial winch system for movement."

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