Temple Sanctuary 3

Temple Sanctuary

Hibernetic stasis chambers are units designed to provide life-support systems to the remaining Luminoth during the war on Aether. They are found in the Temple Sanctuary, below the Great Temple. When Samus Aran arrives at the Temple, she discovers that U-Mos is the only active member of the species remaining, and all other Luminoth have entered these chambers. 28 of these units are found behind glass in the Sanctuary, though it is unknown if others exist in a dfferent location. The chambers have elaborate designs on them, such as white lines and red circles, and a Luminoth face can even be seen in them as well, although it oddly appears to be upside down.


"Object scan complete. Units identified as hibernetic stasis chambers. Lifesigns of hibernating bioforms within the chambers are steady. Chambers are made of a number of exotic metals: it would be quite difficult to breach them with conventional weapons."


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