Luminoth stasis pods

Temple Sanctuary

Hibernetic stasis chambers are single-person units designed to hold Luminoth occupants in stasis, and to provide them with life-support and protection for prolonged periods of time.


Suspended upside-down by metal poles, the chambers are roughly lozenge-shaped, and made from overlapping squares of dark brown metal. Red circles adorn the pods, and elaborate patterns of white lines spread from here around the pod. Near the top of the stasis chamber is a round hole, through which the sleeping face of its Luminoth occupant can be seen.


The hibernetic stasis chambers were developed by the Luminoth at some point during the devastating war between the Luminoth and Ing. After fifty years of attrition, only a fraction of the Luminoth population remained alive, seeking refuge in the Great Temple's Sanctuary. As a last-ditch effort to preserve their race, the surviving Luminoth entered stasis in these pods, which were hung upside-down behind the Sanctuary's transparent walls. Only U-Mos, the Sentinel of the Temple, remained conscious, watching over his sleeping brethren and hoping for the day when it would be safe for them to emerge once more.

When Samus Aran found her way into the Sanctuary years later, she saw 28 Luminoth sleeping in hibernetic stasis chambers, though it is unknown if there were more located elsewhere. After Samus defeated the Ing and restored energy to Aether, the revived Luminoth emerged from their pods, and joined U-Mos in thanking the bounty hunter. It is unknown what happened to the hibernetic stasis chambers after the Luminoth's salvation.


"Object scan complete. Units identified as hibernetic stasis chambers. Lifesigns of hibernating bioforms within the chambers are steady. Chambers are made of a number of exotic metals: it would be quite difficult to breach them with conventional weapons."


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