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Hidetaku Nagasawa

Hidekatsu Nagasawa (credited in Metroid: Other M as Hide Nagasawa) is an employee of Taiyo Kikaku Co.,ltd., a Japanese cinematic production company. He was part of the cinematic team of Metroid: Other M, serving as the producer. Nagasawa was one of the developers interviewed about the game for Iwata Asks.[1]

Nagasawa had worked with Team Ninja for six years prior to Other M, producing, among other things, cinematics for their games. When he learned he would be working with Nintendo, his initial reaction was one of surprise as he felt the two companies were polar opposites. At their first meeting, the only document that existed at the time was Sakamoto's scenario for the game, leaving Nagasawa bewildered as to what he had to do. His role with Project M was to turn the cutscenes conceptualized by Ryuji Kitaura into reality, and seamlessly blend it with Yoshio Sakamoto's story. Nagasawa worked as Kitaura's assistant and as a go-between for him and Sakamoto.

When Nagasawa checked how many emails related to the project had been sent over the previous two years, he was astonished to find that there were over ten thousand, related to cinematic production. This would mean that more than a dozen emails were exchanged every day. These exchanges would often include cinematic designs sent off for review, and then sent back with criticism from Sakamoto, Kitaura, Takayasu Morisawa or Yutaka Saito saying "Nagasawa-san, this is wrong. This isn't Samus". Nagasawa would then address their criticisms and correct the issues. Discussions were also held face-to-face, allowing the final design of the game to be consistent with everyone's intentions. Despite how hard everyone was working, Nagasawa said that Sakamoto would "gently praise" them for their contributions, and this praise meant that the developers would "soon forget how hard they'd worked".

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