SM Ridley

Ridley is a member of High Command.

High Command is the ruling body of the Space Pirates. Although never actually seen in the Metroid games beyond a single Commander, it can be assumed from Space Pirate logs in Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes that High Command is a force to be reckoned with. High Command apparently supplies various Space Pirate outposts with troops, supplies, and orders, all of which the troopers seem to respect greatly. In the Metroid Manga, Ridley, Mother Brain, and a Chozo named Gray Voice make up High Command with them attempting to get Samus Aran to join them. Mother Brain's High Command and the High Command during her absence in the Prime series may be different entities to some extent. Metroid: Other M seems to rule out the possibility of High Command being formed of Zebesians, as they are stated to be single-minded and it is theorized by Samus that the Zebesians would ultimately become a race of feral, unintelligent creatures without a singular leader like Mother Brain to lead them. From this it seems that there are two forms of Pirate; the more intelligent Space Pirate seen in the Prime series led by a group of leaders forming High Command, and the warrior-like Zebesians who are bred for battle and are submissive to either High Command or a singular entity like the Mother Brain. One possibility is High Command serve Ridley and manage the Space Pirates while under his command. This could explain how Mother Brain is continuously considered the true leader after they arrived on Zebes.

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