High Ground (Level)

The level's courtyard area.

High Ground (Level) 2

The tunnels below the level.

The High Ground is an arena in the MPH Multiplayer. It is based on the Alinos room of the same name in Metroid Prime Hunters ' single player mode. The stage gives Bounty Hunters plenty of areas to jump to and practice their sniping skills with the Imperialist. The main entrance to the underground room that would be accessible in the single player mode is sealed off by a Crash Pillar statue.


Battle/Survival/Prime HunterEdit

The arena's sniper-friendly confines favor Trace. His Imperialist's beeline shot also gives him an advantage in the arena's underground area, and other hunters will find his Triskelion form difficult to evade in tight passages. It is easier for Trace to find the Imperialist in the elder passage instead of attempting the jump that would lead him to the area where the Imperialist is usually found.

Kanden is a formidable foe when he has the Volt Driver here. It is very good to use in the wide open space in the middle, since its shots seek their targets. Kanden's homing Alt-Form, the Stinglarva, is great for getting out of tight corners on the lower level of the arena.

Spire can also climb up the tunnel behind the area where the Imperialist is with his Dialanche Alt-Form and knock any opponents down who come near.


Weavel's Halfturret Alt-Form is effective at protecting the Nodes in the underground area, allowing the other half to explore. The hunter's Battlehammer is a great weapon for lording over adversaries from on high.

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