Hillside Vista is an open room that sits on the side of a canyon in the Bryyo Cliffside. Here, an open chasm lays between the entrance from the Grand Court and the other side of the Vista which holds the entrance to Reliquary I. This chasm can be traversed by swinging from a Grapple Point in the middle of the abyss. It can, however, be traversed without the Grapple Swing by using a stone-covered Morph Ball hole that leads to a tunnel. This stone can be destroyed using Bombs, allowing Samus to enter an area populated by Snatchers and a Korba. These Snatchers can be used to levitate to an upper level containing a Missile Expansion. This tunnel can then be exited from both levels allowing Samus to exit to the other side of the canyon. This side contains a blocking statue. This statue can be blown off by grappling and pulling off a panel that covers some ignitable Fuel Gel. Destroying the statue reveals the door to Reliquary I, and inevitably, the Grapple Swing.

Connecting roomsEdit


Ben Sprout render bryyo hillside vista 2

Ben Sprout render


Missile Expansion
In the room's Morph Ball tunnel, there is an upper level that can be reached using the Snatchers there. This Expansion is located in plain sight upon reaching this area.


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