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Hirofumi Matsuoka was one of the background designers for Metroid. He later worked on Super Metroid's graphics as well.

Born on June 25, 1961 in Hyougo Prefecture, his work on the game includes numerous backgrounds. Besides Metroid, he has also worked on graphics for Famicom Wars.

During a post-development interview following Super Metroid 's release in 1994, when asked if there were any secrets about Samus that only he knew, Matsuoka claimed that Samus was actually a transgender woman. A later interview with Yoshio Sakamoto would joke about the same quote from said interview, saying that a Metroid game was as likely to come to PlayStation 2 as Samus was to be transgender. This has recently led to much debate regarding the legitimacy of the claim, considering that while he was a member of the development team, the level of involvement which he had in Samus' original character design (if any) is uncertain.

Interview Description

  • Birthday: June 25, 1961
  • Hometown: Hyougo Prefecture
  • Masterpieces: Metroid, Famicom Wars, Super Mario Land, Game Boy Wars, Mario Paint
  • Duties and Content: Background Production
  • Favorite Films and Music: I don't watch too many movies, and also especially music... I listen to FM radio in the car.
  • Secret of Samus that only I know: Samus isn't a woman. As a matter of fact, she's actually a shemale.
  • Clear Time: 3:30

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