Watery Hall Access

Watery Hall Access

A Holobanner is an object in Chozo Ruins rooms such as the Hall of the Elders in Metroid Prime. There are a few of these in some rooms, and give different scans. Some Holobanners, however, appear in a room but are not scannable.

One Holobanner that appears in Sunchamber Access is pink and depicts Flaahgra, but is not scannable.


Hall of the EldersEdit

"Chozo runes translated. Holobanner text reads "The Hall of the Elders"

"The Elder's greatest power lies beyond the second lock."

Elder Hall AccessEdit

"Only the holder of twelve shall face the Worm."

"The Great Poison corrupts all, even the Chozo."

Watery Hall AccessEdit

"That which fouls the waters seeks the Sun."

Main PlazaEdit

"Passageway to Shrine."


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