Hologram console

A Hologram console is a Space Pirate terminal that displays the schematics for a Leviathan Shield Generator. One can be encountered in the Temple Generator room of Bryyo Fire in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Initially it is offline, but it can be turned on with a Hand Scanner. It then displays a hologram of the generator. Scanning the console and the hologram provide information as to the generator's status. It remains online even after Samus destroys the generator. Cables connect into the generator from an unseen power source.


Console (offline)
"Hologram console offline. Current display: none. Restore power to operate."
Console (online)
"Hologram console online. Current display: shield generator schematic."
Hologram (online)
"Shield generator status: online. Inaccessible from current location. Unable to reach from the ground."
Hologram (generator destroyed)
"Shield generator offline."

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