Skytown 5

Two projectors, Arrival Station.

Holographic projectors appear throughout SkyTown, Elysia as part of the architecture. They are disc-shaped and rest on the walls, and depict an image. Each of SkyTown's pods has a unique hologram design which is projected above all of its external doors. These holograms typically display an image related to the building's contents, or its external architecture. The projectors are tied into SkyTown's network. On Samus' first trip through SkyTown, Ghor's image is displayed on these projectors for unknown reasons. After his death and the repairing of cables in the Aurora Chamber, Aurora Unit 217 can be seen on them. Between Ghor's death and the repairing of the cables, no image is displayed on them. The projectors can be shot, and will explode or break, although larger projectors such as the one in Junction are indestructible. A battery unit that is offline in Arrival Station is connected to the projectors.


Holographic projector
"Holographic projector is tied into SkyTown's main network. Ghor's image is displayed."
Battery unit (Arrival Station)
"Battery unit is connected to holographic projection discs. Unit is offline and in need of repairs."