Humans are recurring species that appear in the Metroid series. They don't seem to be any different from real-life humans, save for their advanced technology, such as cybernetic enhancements. As they did not evolve to grow body parts that can be used as a harmful weapon, they are physically weak. However, they are mentally superior to many other species, and are able to make powerful weapons to make up for their weak strength. They make up most of the Galactic Federation and helped create it as referenced in the Metroid manual. Their primary spoken language is English. Samus Aran is a human and possibly the most powerful human in terms of battle capacity though this is partically due to the fact that she is a human infused with Chozo DNA and after receiving the Vaccine "Metroid" she became infused with cells from Baby essentially making her the last Metroid, though it is unclear if she was restored to her original genetic condition after absorbing SA-X. Samus however is not the first Metroid human-hybrid as her doppelgänger Dark Samus holds that distinction. Some Androids have been created that resemble humans, such as MB.
Envir sketches7

Early Phendrana Drifts concept art suggests that a Human facility was originally planned to have been included in Metroid Prime.

Humans have been known to be included in Ridley's diet- while it may not be only humans, Ridley is able to consume their flesh in order to regenerate his own. Additionally Clone Ridley is known to have preyed on humans in its Little Birdie stage including a Lab Worker and Lyle Smithsonian. The X Parasites and Ing are also capable of infecting Humans along with most other species.

Known Humans in the Metroid SeriesEdit

Unnamed humansEdit


These are creatures that resemble Humans, and real Humans with evil intentions.


  • While humans are a species of mammals, a handful of species in the Metroid series appear mammalian. Others include Etecoons, the IceBoss, and Rabbilis.
  • According to Adam Malkovich in Other M, Power Bombs spread a high-temperature heat wave over a large area, and are capable of vaporizing humans instantly. Thus, he does not authorize her to use them. During Samus's earlier training sequence, the Head Quarantine Officer made sure to activate an armored blast shield to completely seal the empty training room and protect himself. Samus later uses a Power Bomb to destroy a Queen Metroid despite the presence of a survivor, although she was shielded by a room nearby. Samus herself is immune to the effects of Power Bombs, due to the protection of her Power Suit.
  • According to Mother Brain in the Metroid Manga, humans can only survive (unaided by technology or biological enhancements) in the Brinstar and Crateria regions of Zebes. This led the Chozo to infuse Samus with Grey Voice's DNA, granting her an enhanced physiology that allowed her to survive suitless throughout Zebes.



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