Hurry Up

On the Pirate Frigate and Tallon Overworld tables, a Hurry Up activated message will appear if Samus hits every yellow dot on the table (located on the edges of ramps and Mode Saucers). However, the message will NOT appear if Samus is in a Multiball minigame or is on the upper screen, and will instead appear when she exits the aforementioned modes and/or screens. When it DOES appear, a point value will be displayed, equal to 50,000 plus an additional 10,000 for each previous successful Hurry Up attempt, and an orange arrow will be illuminated on the table. After a few seconds, this bonus begins to decrease, momentarily stopping at 10,000 before ending the minigame as a failure. If Samus can quickly launch herself up the ramp indicated by the orange arrow, the currently displayed value will be added to her total score. If she accomplishes this before the bonus begins to decrease, she will be awarded either an Artifact or a Special, in addition to the regular bonus.