This is the Hyper Mode MOD, a MOD that enhances your Mech! I suspect this will come in handy when you're in the field.

General Alex Miles

Hyper Mode (MOD)

Hyper Mode is a MOD in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Unlike other MODs such as Lone Wolf (the only other unbreakable MOD), it has no restrictions and can be used in both single player mode and co-op games. When used and at full energy, this MOD grants the player double Power Shot damage and the ability to move at normal speed while charging a Charge Shot. This MOD is obtained by completing a Challenge for the first time in Blast Ball. The MOD is Unbreakable, allowing it to be used repeatedly without losing it from dying or quitting a mission. It is not to be confused with Hyper Mode, a state in which Samus Aran found herself when using Phazon as a weapon during the Prime Series.

"While at full Energy, double Power Shot damage and move at normal speed while charging Charge Shot."