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Roger that.

—Last words before death.

Ian Malkovich (イアン・マルコビッチ Ian Marukobitchi) was the younger brother of Adam Malkovich. Ian is voiced by Jamie Hunsdale. He was featured in a flashback cutscene in Metroid: Other M. While Samus Aran meets Anthony Higgs in the Pyrosphere, she has a flashback of her early days with the Galactic Federation, being onboard a large starship, the Galactic Federation Battleship VIXIV. Ian was repairing the drive unit of the Lusitania that was in tow when it went critical and Adam, refusing to let Samus risk the craft to save him, commands the crew to disengage the drive unit. Ian then dies when the drive unit explodes with him in it. He is depicted in a photograph on Adam's desk, standing next to Samus, with Adam in the background.

While looking back on the incident, Samus and Anthony both admitted that, despite their feelings at the time, neither of them would be alive had Adam not made the difficult decision he did; additionally, Samus remarked that, in pleading to save Ian, she was only questioning Adam's authority and making an already difficult emotional situation even harder for him. Ian's death was the incident that led Samus to leave the Federation army and become a Bounty Hunter.

Ian Malkovich

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