! This is a rare creature/object. It may only be scanned in one or few encounters.

Ice Burrowers live in the Phendrana Drifts region on Tallon IV in Metroid Prime. Ice Burrowers are similar to their "cousins", but have slightly adapted their bodies to compensate for their freezing surroundings by developing shell-like ice plating. They still retain the ability to launch acid as they emerge from the ground, so it is advisable to locate and eliminate them by looking for a moving lump in the snow. Ice Burrowers are found in Plaza Walkway and Ruins Entryway.

Logbook entryEdit

Burrower scanpic
Burrower scanpic 2

Ice Burrower

Metroid Prime

Temporary scan

Morphology: Ice Burrower
Burrower adapted to subfreezing climates.

Logbook entry

A hardy life-form, the Ice Burrower has adapted to the frigid clime of Phendrana. It spends most of its time tunneling through the frozen soil, but will occasionally surface to attack passersby.


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