Ice Spreader

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Ice Spreader
Ice Spreader
The Ice Spreader is fired.
Featured in Metroid Prime
Damage High
Effect(s) A giant mass of expanding ice that freezes targets.
Special uses Ridding the area of a large number of enemies
Obtained Shore Tunnel, Magmoor Caverns

The Ice Spreader is a Charge Combo for the Ice Beam in Metroid Prime. It uses a charged Ice Beam shot and 10 Missiles to create a powerful blast of ice that can travel up to 20 meters until reaching a target. When this occurs, the shot explodes and creates a fast-spreading layer of ice over the target and surrounding area. The target and nearby enemies will either die or be frozen. It is found in the Shore Tunnel in Magmoor Caverns, under the bridge. A Power Bomb can break the Bendezium-reinforced glass surrounding the tunnel. It is a Single Shot Charge Combo.

It is very useful for freezing or killing large numbers of ground based enemies quickly, but lacks good use against aerial enemies, only capable of freezing Flying Pirates. But it is very useful when killing Metroids due to its homing capabilities. It is very similar to the Ice Missile, as the Ice Spreader fires a homing shot with freezing capabilities, though its greater power makes it more of a successor to the Ice Missile, despite the fact that it chronologically appears before the Ice Missile's first appearance in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


Ice Spreader Item Form

The Ice Spreader in its Item Form.

  • When used on the Metroid Prime, it freezes the creature's face over and stops it from moving altogether, despite its limbs and body having no trace of ice. This attack deals a great amount of damage to it. It also gives the humorous impression that Metroid Prime has been hit in the face by a giant snowball.
  • Dark Samus seemingly uses a Phazon-based version of the Ice Spreader, as seen in her second battle with Samus Aran in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, which fires expanding Phazon crystals that encase and damage foes.
  • The Ice Spreader is similar to the Ice Diffusion Missile.
  • Ironically, the Ice Spreader is found in the Magmoor Caverns.


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