Imago egg

Imago eggs[citation needed] are the offspring of an adult Imago. They are encountered in Metroid: Zero Mission.

While hunting down Ridley, Samus encountered a Kiru Giru ensnared in Tangle Vines. Samus released the creature and watched it burrow into the ground. After returning to its location, she found it had left a hole where it formerly rested. Jumping down into it, she eventually reached a long cavern. During the time she had left, the Kiru Giru had quickly evolved and produced five eggs. These eggs are fragile and burst on contact or by shooting them. Samus trampling the eggs caused an angry reaction from the Imago and forced Samus to destroy it.

If Samus jumps over each egg and reaches what obstructs the normally first Super Missiles in the game (without Sequence Breaking), the Imago does not appear, showing that it is only angered by the destruction of its eggs. This is somewhat similar to the Tatori in Super Metroid, where by not attacking its offspring Samus avoided being attacked. The Imago will appear if Samus leaves one egg intact and runs to the end of the room.