Immersion pistons were lava pumps used by the Space Pirates as part of their geothermal processing operations in the Magmoor Caverns. Several of them can be seen in the walls of the Monitor Station dipping into the lava frequently and siphoning geothermal energy for Pirate use. This process was the primary reason for the Pirate presence in the Magmoor Caverns.

A terminal in the Monitor Station reveals that the Pirates had recommended replacing the unstable Central Dynamo in the Phazon Mines as a source of power with geothermal energy. However, another scanned terminal in the Dynamo room states that while the conversion to geothermal power was working, it was not enough to sustain Space Pirate operations long term.


Monitor Station
"Immersion pistons are leaching power from the magma pools as planned. Geothermal power source is promising. Recommend Energy Command deactivate Central Dynamo and switch to geothermal power at once."

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