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The Impact Crater is the area deepest down in Tallon IV's surface and southernmost on the map, southwest of Tallon Overworld and south of Magmoor Caverns. It was where a Leviathan from Phaaze, which brought the Phazon to Tallon IV, crashed. Inside the Impact Crater, Metroid Prime thrives. The Artifact Temple was built above it by the Chozo to contain the Phazon and stop it from spreading, though their efforts only managed to slow the corruption. Samus must obtain all twelve Chozo Artifacts to enter this area. It is likely that the Impact Crater was formed from the husk of the deceased Leviathan.

Areas and main roomsEdit

The Crater consists of only twelve rooms, that can be divided into two areas:

Upper cavesEdit


The crater's interior

This area is horizontal and is the site for the elevator to the Tallon Overworld, the Crater Entry Point (which doubles as Save Station), a Missile Station, two Crater Tunnels (A and B) and the Phazon Core.

Metroid Prime's abodeEdit

This is the area where Samus fights the Metroid Prime and consists of the Phazon Infusion Chamber, five Subchambers (1 to 5), and the Metroid Prime's Lair.

Fauna and floraEdit

Artifact Temple Dolphin HD

The huge suspended rock that contains the Artifact Temple.

The Crater contains Red Phazon, and only a few lifeforms can survive in it, such as Lumigeks and Fission Metroids. The main lifeform in the area is Metroid Prime, a horribly mutated Metroid.



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