Imperial Crypt is a room in Bryyo Ice. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. As its name suggests, it is the room in which deceased Bryyonian royalty are interred. Twenty of these tombs line the walls of the Crypt's upper half, with an additional eight on the lower level. Notably, the seals over two of the tombs on the upper level have fallen away, exposing the skeletal remains of the deceased Bryyonians within.

The upper half of the Imperial Crypt consists of a large hallway, with a large chasm in its centre. This is initially covered by a floor of destructible ice. When Samus first enters, she cannot go through the door adjacent from her, as there is a Blast Shield covering it. She will have to destroy the ice floor and drop to the bottom, going on from there. At the bottom is a Kinetic Orb Cannon that can be used if Samus wants to go back up before getting the Screw Attack for whatever reason, but it must be energized with a Spinner first.

Connecting roomsEdit


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