Industrial Grade Pulse Beam

Samus rotates the Industrial Grade Pulse Beam.

The Industrial Grade Pulse Beam (also referred to as a Pulse Beam) is a Space Pirate mining tool found on the center of the ceiling in Elite Research in Metroid Prime. It fires a large red beam and can destroy walls in the area that will reveal a White Door and Missile Expansion. It can be rotated by Samus Aran by using the Spinner and fired by scanning a Scan Point. It is possible, although very difficult to shoot the Space Pirate that was manning the cannon with the cannon.

In stark contrast to its devastating power against the weakened walls, it causes very little damage to Samus.


Industrial Grade Pulse Beam 2

The Pulse Beam fires at a decomposed wall.

Metroid Prime
"Industrial Grade Pulse Beam, Mining Configuration."
Metroid Prime
"Industrial Grade Pulse Beam online. Auto-firing mode engaged."

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