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Infant Tallon Metroids are the infant form of the Tallon Metroids seen in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

The infants are transported in large numbers by the Space Pirates in Metroid Cocoons, and used as portable energy sources. They are relatively harmless in this stage; they lack the ability to drain life energy, and can only ram their opponents in defense. However, contact with Phazon causes them to rapidly mature into Tallon Metroids, making them more powerful and much more dangerous. They look very similar to Miniroids. They can be killed with one charge shot.

Logbook entryEdit

Infant Tallon Metroid

Infant Tallon Metroid

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Infant Tallon Metroid
Genetically engineered energy parasite.
Ramming attack will do minor damage. Exposure to Phazon will mutate them into a deadly version.

Logbook entry

The Space Pirates use Infant Tallon Metroids as a portable energy source. Small in size, they are easy to transport in large quantities. They are docile efficient organic batteries... until they are exposed to Phazon. At that point, they grow rapidly and acquire their full array of powers.

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