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The Infinity Void is the alternate dimension in which the Alimbic Elders sealed the Oubliette, which contained Gorea imprisoned in the Seal Sphere. According to Alimbic Lore, the Infinity Void is a vast parallel dimension of formless antimatter. The Infinity Void can be accessed and sealed by way of the Alimbic Cannon. However, this process requires the psionic energies of the Alimbic Elders.

Accessing the VoidEdit

The Infinity Void is accessed in Metroid Prime Hunters by placing the eight Octoliths, obtained from the Stronghold Voids in the appropriate slots in the Alimbic Cannon Control Room.


  • In our dimension, if antimatter comes into contact with normal matter, both substances are annihilated and a large amount of energy is released. Therefore, when the Alimbics sent the Oubliette into the Infinity Void, it should have been annihilated immediately if the same physical laws applied.

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