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The Ion-Faeria in the Metroid e-Manga.

Iono Feria (イオノ フェリア?) (also translated as Ion-Faeria and Iona Faria) are a large flying creature found on Zebes. They resemble "butterflies" and are referred to as such by Samus, though their bodies are slightly like those of bears. She encountered her first one when it drank from her water container, accidently scaring Pyonchi. They are from the Metroid Manga. It is possible they may have been driven to extinction either by the Space Pirates, the introduction of Flesh-Eating Bacteria with the arrival of Zoomers, or with the destruction of Zebes.

Their flight is powered by absorbed moisture molecules, though it is possible that any form of liquid water may suffice, as well as the nectar of flowers may work as well. Old Bird explains that, "It absorbs moisture, ionizes it, and uses the energy to fly." They feed on the nectar of flowering plants found on Zebes and are extremely gentle, and are nearly the size of an adult human.

A group of them became corrupted due to the nectar of an alien flower, known as Badger Clovers, planted by Space Pirates. This caused the Iono Feria to attack the Chozo and Samus, and after being supplied guns by Space Pirates, had to be destroyed along with the flowers. After the flowers were burned, Samus was able to destroy the guns without harming the Iono Feria. However, they were quickly destroyed by a group of droids as part of the "cleansing" while under the command of Mother Brain, who at the time had not yet become leader of the Space Pirates, or so is believed.

They are possibly semi-sentient as they were able to use weapons, though the toxin of the Badger Clovers may have made them completely controlled by the Space Pirates. Their use of weapons parallels instances of Rio and Zoomer wielding weapons in the early Nintendo Comics System story, Deceít Du Jour.

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