Ruins Screenshot HD (18)

The pipes for the irrigation system, on the right wall.

The irrigation system is a mechanism used for irrigating the water around the Chozo Ruins. It is a rare example of Chozo-made technology on Tallon IV; the population of Chozo on the planet had chosen to eschew technology in favor of living harmoniously with nature.

Several long pipes attached to a wall in the Ruined Gallery are stated in their scan to be part of the irrigation system. When Samus first finds them, the water is toxic due to pollution from Flaahgra in the Sunchamber, the source of the Chozo Ruins' water. After Flaahgra's defeat, the water's toxicity levels return to normal.


Pre-Flaahgra battle
"These pipes are part of an irrigation system. The source of the water is unknown, but all liquid in this area is toxic."
Post-Flaahgra battle
"Liquid in this area returning to normal. Toxins within safety tolerances."

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