A Chozo Statue holding an Item Sphere in Super Metroid.

Usually found within the firm grasp of a Chozo Statue, the Item Sphere holds a Power-up for Samus to equip. One merely needs to shoot the Item Sphere with any beam weapon to reveal the power-up contained within.

In the Torizo battles in Super Metroid, they will drop Item Spheres that are actually bombs.

The Elephant Bird in Metroid Fusion holds a fake Item Sphere, which is revealed when Samus shoots it.

Metroid II manualEdit

"Usually, the power items (except missile type and energy type items) are hidden in an Item Sphere. Shoot the Item Sphere with a beam to make the item appear, then touch it to equip."


  • In the Super Metroid manga strip The Chozo Statue, Samus finds a Chozo Statue holding an Item Sphere. Samus admires its roundness before shooting it. It reveals a Missile Tank. Despite her commander's protests, Samus walks away without collecting it, saying, "Eh, it's not round anymore."

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