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Jared Carew

Jared Carew is a quality assurance tester. He is credited under special thanks in Metroid Prime Hunters. He did functional build verification testing on the game at Nintendo Software Technology for eight months, working closely with the developers to ensure that the NOA Product Testing Department would have a working version to test. Carew worked with NOA Lot Check, a subsidiary of Nintendo of America that evaluates games and manuals developed by first and third party companies and ensures they comply with NOA's guidelines. They are usually not credited. One of the games Carew evaluated while with Lot Check was Metroid Prime.

Carew worked with Nintendo for 9 years from 2000-2010, and later worked at Warner Brothers Games for 4 years. He is now the chief editing officer and owner of Blueline Editing, a company that proofreads and copyedits unpublished manuscripts and papers.

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