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"Chozo script translated."

This article's name is an unofficial translation from official Japanese media and may not represent the canonical English name, if one exists.
An alternate name from an official source may be required.

Jigrad (ジグラード Jigurādo?) (also translated as Jiglard and Jigurad) is visited in chapter 3 and 4 the Metroid Manga. It appears to have mainly a rocky, terrestrial surface, with few bodies of water. It appears to have one orbiting object (which may possibly be its sun or a moon). It was under the control of Space Pirates, but was quickly freed by the actions of Samus Aran and her fellow Federation Police comrades. At one point early on in Chapter 6, it is said that the speed of Federation ships is so great that one could make it from Jigrad to Zebes within 20 hours. The actual distance between the two planets, or even the location of this planet, is not known. Damara, the young girl saved by Samus, was a resident of this planet before venturing to Daiban.

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