Junction is a room on SkyTown, Elysia. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


The room is a large circular corridor that acts as an intersection between various routes in main SkyTown. There are four doors at the north, east, south and west edges of the Junction. While three of the doors are standard SkyTown Blue Doors, the eastern door is proteced by a White Blast Shield. Once destroyed, it will be permanently removed.

A significant pile of immovable debris from the ceiling blocks one side of the corridor, impeding progress for standard humanoids. However, a small opening at the pile's base allows smaller life-forms to pass through. A Chozo bust of Dryn, a key scientist in Power Suit technology, can be found projecting above one of the four doors.

Above one door is a large holographic projector, the kind that can be seen around SkyTown depicting Ghor's image and after being cured Aurora Unit 217's, although unlike the kind that appears throughout SkyTown, this particular one is indestructible. Interestingly, in this room behind a barrier are several objects resembling Atomics.

Connecting roomsEdit

Bowling for Bots

Samus "bowling for Bots", or destroying Tinbots using her Boost Ball. This room is an ideal place to earn the "Bowling for Bots" Friend Voucher.


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