Junction A is a room aboard the abandoned flagship G.F.S Valhalla.


This room is a long corridor, which connects three rooms together. Apart from a few panels that have been damaged and twisted, and a portion of the archway near the Door leading to Aurora Access, the room is in fairly good condition. This room has a flat floor in the middle, and two slanting floors at the north and south ends. The only form of life occupying Junction A are three Phaz-Ings. The room also houses four corpses: Two of them are the drained husks of a Federation Marine and a Space Pirate, both lying near the Green Door. Another Marine lies draped over a window, while a third is slumped against a group of canisters, his visor shattered.

Connecting roomsEdit



Drained gf trooper

A trooper with his life energy drained.

Federation Marine body
"Trooper was impaled on an energy scythe before being thrown into canisters."
Federation Marine body (2)
"Energy burns on trooper's armor indicate he was flung by an explosion into the window."
Federation Marine body (3)
"Scans detect life-support systems of subject's suit malfunctioned. Trooper suffocated to death."
Space Pirate body
"Subject appears to have been attacked from behind. All life energy was siphoned."
Security Door
"Security door has been blown out from its position. Phazon-based explosives are likely the cause."


  • One of the trooper corpses in the room seems to have had his visor smashed open during combat, revealing part of his eye and face in a similar manner to Captain A.C. Exeter in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. He is the only Marine in the game to be found this way; all other trooper bodies have intact, but offline visors.
    • Although it is very difficult to see the model up close in the game, it has some notable details: The trooper's mouth and nose can actually be seen to be leaking blood. Additionally, the face appears to be identical to that of a Male Fleet Trooper, with the same undersuit being worn.