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Karl Deckard

Karl Deckard is a video game developer.


Deckard started his video game career as a graphic designer at Nintendo Power, being in charge of its production. Among those duties, he also worked on many official player's guides for games such as Yoshi's Island and Killer Instinct.

He joined Valve after leaving Nintendo Power to help create Half-Life. He acted as artist and designer for the game. After departing Valve, Deckard made his way to Blizzard Entertainment in 2000 where he began work on Diablo II. It is unclear as to what work Deckard did on Diablo II Considering the fact that Diablo II was in development at least a good two years before he joined Blizzard, his involvement would have been limited.

In his personal life, Deckard is a skateboarding fanatic. "There have been well over 100 skateboarding games released since 720 in 1986, but honestly, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is what I play...religiously. Every installment. Period." Deckard once said. He used his love of the Tony Hawk titles to create the Morph Ball segments of gameplay in Metroid Prime.

The beta name of 1LT W. Smythe in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, K. Deckard, is likely named after Karl Deckard.

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