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Kenji Nakajima

Nintendo Official Guide Book for Super Metroid

Kenji Nakajima (born December 4, 1965) is a project manager and development director at Nintendo, as well as a former programmer and debugger at Intelligent Systems. Nakajima was one of the programmers for Super Metroid. He was responsible for the system coordination, as well as the demo play. Nakajima participated in the developer interview in the Nintendo Official Guide Book for Super Metroid, which was unofficially translated into English by the Metroid Database in 2009. In it, he revealed that the three films in the Back to the Future franchise are his favorite. Asked for a secret of Samus Aran that only he knew, he said "There are a good many frames in the animations of Samus." His Super Metroid clear time is 2:32.

Nakajima has been involved with every installment of the Paper Mario series, serving as chief programmer for the original game and overseeing the development of each sequel. By the time of Paper Mario: Color Splash, he had moved on from Nintendo to Marino Systems, but still directed the game.

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