Kinetic Orb target

GFMC Compound

A Kinetic Orb target is a circular, disc-shaped mechanism that appears in most rooms that contain a Kinetic Orb Cannon. Its purpose is to stop a propelled Kinetic Orb (or in the present day, Samus Aran in Morph Ball form) in the air and then allow it to fall to the ground. They are present throughout Aether and Dark Aether in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, but only on SkyTown, Elysia in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

In Corruption, Kinetic Orb Cannons fire Samus to other Kinetic Orb Cannons across the rooms, such as in Transit Hub. When this happens, a dome forms over the receiving Cannon platform, and Samus lands against this. The dome then sinks back into the platform. Transit Hub also features a traditional cannon, which can fire Samus to Zipline Station Bravo. On both ends she collides into a wall; in Transit Hub she hits a noticeable crater-shaped dent, which is likely the result of much collision from fired Kinetic Orbs over time.

Temple Access in the Sanctuary Fortress uses a Kinetic Orb target in a puzzle linked to a Luminoth sonic security system. When Samus disables an Echo Key Beam, she has a very limited amount of time to use a Kinetic Orb Cannon to fire herself at the target, which causes her to fall under the floor in the room. A Missile Expansion can be found here, as well as a Spinner to open a hatch in the floor to escape.

Scan (Temple Access)Edit

"Object scan complete.
Kinetic Orb target is active and receiving power.
Target appears to be linked to a sonic security system. Disrupting its connection to the system may cause it to move out of position."

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