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Starting Point, Metroid

Koma are particular types of statues on planet Zebes that have appeared in Metroid, Metroid: Zero Mission and Super Metroid. They are stones carved mostly into large heads with menacing expressions, much like the faces on totem poles.

In Metroid, Komas are notably placed at the entry points of Brinstar and Norfair in pairs of two, merely serving a decorative purpose to possibly greet or ward off visitors. The Komas in Brinstar are blue, skull-like heads bearing their teeth. Those seen in Norfair are red, demon-like heads with tiny disproportionate arms and legs attached to them, both carrying a staff on their left sides. There are additional Brinstar variants of the Koma surrounding the Morph Ball powerup, as well as beside the Door leading to the Stone Statues that guard the entrance to Tourian.

In Super Metroid, the Komas return with a few altered traits. The blue heads now glow with an orange light from within their eye sockets and mouth, which is initially turned off when Samus first arrives at Brinstar's entry point. Once she collects the Morph Ball, all surrounding Komas will begin to eminate their aformentioned glow. Curiously, some of the activating heads will also turn to look directly at Samus, seemingly acting as security sensors in the same manner as the nearby Eye security systems. When ascending the Elevator shaft to return to Crateria, the pair of Komas surrounding it will also turn to look at her. Additional Brinstar Komas can be found throughout the region, as well as in Crateria. The Norfair variants keep their demonic appearance, but are now completely limbless as well, and contain more teeth in their gaping mouths. While Norfair Komas are no longer found at entry points of their respective area, a notable pair is positioned next to the Elevator leading to Ridley's Lair; all others are found in several rooms within both volcanic regions.

Zero Mission, the remake of the original Metroid game, also feature two variants of the stone heads. The heads from Brinstar remain vastly the same, but gained their orange glow from Super Metroid. The Norfair heads received a massive overhaul of their original design: they are far less demonic in appearance, have no limbs and their mouths are tightly sealed, forming a frown on their faces. These redesigned Komas are present next to all ascending elevators in Norfair, and an alternate colored pair is also seen in Ridley's Lair.

The name Koma originates from the debug mode of Super Metroid, where their debug name is written as KOMA. Debug names are not always official, sometimes consisting as part of a longer name or a different name entirely. However, no other name for the block exists, official or otherwise.


  • In Super Smash Bros. Melee, bricks resembling these appear in stacks on the Brinstar stage.
  • They are one of the few objects that will shake if Samus Wall Jumps off of them.
  • Koma bear a slight resemblance to the Thwomp statues from the Mario series.