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Kraid ZM art
Official art from Zero Mission.
Featured in Metroid
Metroid: Zero Mission
Metroid Prime (mentioned)
Super Metroid
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Location Kraid's Lair in Brinstar.
Attacks Spinning projectile fingernails/back spines, projectiles from stomach, small boulders launched from mouth.
Weakness Inner mouth area; shooting the eyes with charged beams or missiles will expose the weakness.
Reward(s) Large expansion of Missiles (Metroid), Speed Booster (Metroid: Zero Mission), Varia Suit (Super Metroid)

Kraid (クレイド Kureido?) is a corpulent, three-eyed green reptilian extraterrestrial from the Metroid series. Kraid is one of the largest enemies Samus ever encounters in her missions, as he takes up multiple screens at a time. Kraid made his first appearance in the original Metroid as part of the game's boss duo, the other being Ridley. Though he has no known official rank, Kraid is a high-ranking Space Pirate and may even be a leader, as he is a prominent boss throughout the series. The Metroid Prime manual describes Ridley and Kraid as the Space Pirate army's "mainstays"; one could easily imagine this colossus as the muscle and backbone behind Pirate attacks or raids.

Kraid only possesses organic weapons: he shoots projectiles such as dagger-like spikes from his belly and spinning boomerang-like nails from his fingertips. In his resurrected Super Metroid appearance, he gains the ability to spew out rock-like projectiles from his mouth. Except for the original Metroid game, Kraid is shown to be a natural digger, as he is always seen tunneling out of the ground (both partially and entirely) prior to his battles within the series.

A press kit profile for Super Metroid has Samus refer to Kraid as the "brutal ruler of Brinstar". In official Zero Mission art, Kraid is titled the Awakened Behemoth.


Metroid Kraid

Official artwork of Kraid from Metroid.

Metroid/Zero MissionEdit

In the Famicom and NES verison of Metroid, Kraid is the boss of Mini-Boss hideout I. His original design differed considerably from that of later installments. Kraid's artwork seems to show that, in addition to his smaller size (compared to all later appearances), he also appears to have green fur on his back and only two eyes. There are also spikes located on his back that are shot out and quickly diverge towards the front (like boomerangs). All of Kraid's projectiles, like his future incarnations, are constantly generated in his body.

There is also a Fake-Kraid which Samus may encounter before fighting the real Kraid. However, since there are multiple paths leading to the authentic Kraid, Samus may never come across the imposter. Fake-Kraid is similar to his namesake in appearance, but it is a darker shade of brown with light blue fur and is rather feeble by comparison. Unlike the real Kraid, it respawns even if killed by simply re-entering the decoy's room.

In Metroid: Zero Mission, Kraid is reminiscent of his appearance in Super Metroid, suggesting that Kraid was meant to be gigantic in the original and did not "grow" between his appearances in Metroid and Super Metroid. Worthy of note is that there is no Mini-Kraid in this game. Oddly enough, the room in which it appeared in the original game is present; however, Mini-Kraid is nowhere to be seen. Kraid is also given his own area, unlike Super Metroid where his lair was simply part of Brinstar. In the battle with Kraid, he will hurl spinning boomerang-like claws like he did in previous appearances. Once he has taken enough damage, Kraid will start shooting his belly spikes at Samus. If the spikes miss, they will stick in the back wall, allowing Samus a clear path to Kraid's head (the spikes will explode after a few seconds pass).

Kraid also appears in the second half of the Metroid: Volume 2 manga, which is an adaptation of most of the events of Zero Mission. The manga doesn't outright tell what Kraid is, but he is described as being "Ridley's comrade". Mother Brain also states that "his skin is on par with an anti-optical shield", explaining how most weapons cause him very little damage.

Metroid PrimeEdit

The Metroid Prime instruction manual makes reference to Samus Aran killing the "gargantuan mainstays of the Space Pirate army, Ridley and Kraid" (possibly foreshadowing their retconned sizes in Metroid: Zero Mission), events which occurred in the original Metroid. Later on, the manual also mentions that, following the fall of Zebes, the Space Pirate survivors split into two main camps - one to search for a planet with powerful energy resources (soon settling on Tallon IV), and the other to rebuild their ravaged facility and begin resuscitating Mother Brain, Ridley and Kraid. Only Ridley, as the reborn Meta Ridley, would make an active appearance in the game, with the other two's redevelopment at an unknown status during the entire Prime series.

MP Kraid

Meta Kraid as he would have appeared in Prime.

However, Kraid was intended to have a larger role in the game. A rebuilt Kraid (with the fan-coined term "Meta Kraid") was planned to make an appearance as a boss character in the Phazon Mines area. He was modeled and textured by Gene Kohler for that purpose. As one can see from the picture, he has a helmet on his head believed to be made by the Space Pirates. The purpose of this helmet is not certain, although Kohler indicated in an email reply to N-Sider that the helmet was supposed to be an obstacle to be overcome in the planned fight against him. Another concept art meant for his appearance in Prime also indicated that he would fire out at least fifteen thorns at Samus while they were still connected to his body. The fight (and character) ultimately did not make its way into the game in time for the release, along with some other things (such as the Screw Attack). It is only known by artwork and short comments by the artist. Contrary to popular belief, Kraid was not replaced by the Omega Pirate. Due to the scrapped appearance, Melee remains his only 3D appearance as of now.


"I had completely finished modeling and texturing Kraid. The level that he was to be included in was well underway to being designed. There just was not enough development time remaining to fully implement all aspects of the scenario that were needed to pull off a highly polished\fun gaming experience... animations\effects\programming\etc. It was decided that Kraid was not imperative enough to the Metroid Prime project to run the risk of pushing up the release date in order to fit him in.

I'm sure the folks over at Retro are designing ways to fit Kraid in possible future Metroid titles."

-Gene Kohler May 11, 2004 (

"According to Mr. Kohler in an email to N-Sider, Kraid is said to have a metal plate covering his face due to it being a designed gameplay feature - an item that you had to overcome in your encounter against Kraid. Although, he said, if the model does appear in a future Metroid title, expect some modifications to be made as the older ideas become refined."


Metroid Prime 3: CorruptionEdit

Though Kraid does not appear in this game, a released storyboard for an unused introduction animation by Ben Sprout features a creature that resembles Kraid attacking Samus, but being destroyed by her Gunship.

Super MetroidEdit

Kraid 16-bit

The 16-bit Kraid as shown in Super Metroid.

Kraid reappears in Super Metroid in a much larger form, taking up approximately two vertical screens' worth of space. In this appearance, his body is invulnerable except for his mouth, which opens after Kraid is shot in the eyes by a Missile, Super Missile, or beam shot (charged or uncharged). Four Super Missiles or 20 missiles/charged shots are necessary to defeat Kraid. Like most bosses, he is invulnerable to uncharged beam shots. Like in the original Metroid, there is a Mini-Kraid that appears just before the real Kraid's room; it is dwarf-like in comparison, both in terms of size and strength. Just like the Metroid decoy, it regenerates after it is destroyed if Samus re-enters the room. Numerous Green Space Pirates and Kihunters patrol the rooms before the boss' chamber, seemingly to defend Kraid and Mini-Kraid.

Just outside Kraid's room, there is a mysterious dead body that might have been another Bounty Hunter or Federation Marine. It is unknown if the killer was Kraid or his respective Gadora.

Other gamesEdit

"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

Non-canon warning: This article or section contains information that may not be considered an official part of the Metroid series in the overall storyline by Nintendo.

Super Smash Bros. MeleeEdit

A trophy of Kraid is obtained when the Brinstar Depths stage is unlocked. Kraid also appears as part of the stage itself—occasionally, he will emerge from the magma, roar, and rotate the arena by slashing it, changing gameplay. Though he is based on his Super Metroid appearance, he has a more greyish colored skin, and his eyes are white rather than red.

Nintendo LandEdit

Kraid is the first boss encountered by the Mii in Hostile Colossus. He appears as a robot and attacks by throwing various projectiles, including his old nails. The Mii must shoot the presented target and then fire missiles or charged shots at his throat - after enough damage is inflicted, Kraid will rise out of the lava and begin firing missiles and bullets. He also extends platforms crawling with Zebesians for the Mii to destroy. The Mii must shoot all the targets before attacking the target on Kraid's nose. After taking more damage, Kraid will rise even higher out of the lava. He will have more targets on his body and must be taken down by a charge shot, after which the pattern is repeated.

If Kraid is defeated, the Mii unlocks Survival Mode for Ground Battle. Kraid's head is also a prize in the game. Its description reads: "This hulking monstrosity dwells in the depths of planet Zebes. His skin is impenetrably thick, so try shooting into his mouth. You'll have to climb his towering body to reach his face!"

His battle theme in the game is a remix of the upper Brinstar song from the original Metroid.

Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends here.

Official dataEdit

Metroid manualEdit

"This is the head of the Mini-Boss hideout. He hurls horns from his stomach and back. Be very careful of his fierce attacks. If Samus gets hit by him, his energy will be weakened a lot."

Official Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

"This is the Boss who protects Brinstar. He shoots missiles from his stomach, and uses a spinning horn on his back to attack. Missile attacks are the best way to kill him."

Super Metroid manualEdit

"The giant lizard of Brinstar attacks Samus with thorny projectiles and spits spheres out of its mouth. No weapons - beams, missiles, or bombs - have any effect on its body. The creature's weak point is unknown."

Metroid: Zero Mission manualEdit

"The largest enemy in all of the mazes beneath the surface of Planet Zebes, Kraid fires spikes from his belly and claws from his fingertips for extremely powerful attacks."

Official Metroid: Zero Mission websiteEdit

"Extremely dangerous! Giant lizard-like monster over two stories tall. Possesses iron-shredding claws and fires small projectiles from its mouth. When angered, shoots regenerative claws from giant openings in belly. Can be destroyed by hitting soft tissue in mouth with Missiles. DANGER LEVEL: VERY HIGH."

  • "Soft tissue (weak spot)"
  • "Iron-shredding claws"
  • "Regenerative claws"

Super Smash Bros. Melee TrophyEdit


Kraid trophy from Melee.

"A boss enemy from Metroid. Kraid lives in the depths of Brinstar. He immobilizes enemies with his three red eyes, and his powerful jaws can crush anything. He can also shoot the three spikes in his belly; it's said he often fires them at his prey. Once Samus defeated Ridley and Kraid, the way to Tourian opened."

Super Smash Bros. Brawl StickerEdit


Gallery3 win1 01-1-

Development Room concept art.

  • Kraid's Super Metroid and Zero Mission sprite artists never bothered giving the large Pirate his entire tail. By extracting Kraid's sprites, it is revealed that his tail always ends abruptly; the sprite artists most likely did this because of the fact that players are never capable (and are not meant) to get behind Kraid and explore the areas beyond him until he is defeated, which results in him sinking into the ground and exploding, thus his tail is never fully witnessed.
  • If "Meta Kraid" had been implemented in Metroid Prime, the Metroid Prime series would be the only games in which both Kraid and Ridley utilize any form of technology during their boss battles rather than strictly using organic weapons.
  • Kraid occasionally appeared in the Captain N: The Game Master comic series, based on his original concept art. One of his appearances occurs when he was imprisoned on RX 338. He attempts to convince all of the prisoners in his block that were put away by Samus to turn on their fellow captive, before she beats them all using Kraid as a weapon. Samus later uses him as a diversion to make her own escape.
  • The cartoon version of Captain N featured anthropomorphic rhino-like underlings of Mother Brain in multiple episodes. In Metroid, Sweet Metroid, Duke is seen playing dead as a distraction while Kevin steals its Missile Gun which is then used by Kevin to kill a Protoplasm. Concept artwork of the creature and it's gun identify it as Kraid.
  • It is possible that Kraid may have some relation to the Bryyonians, seeing that he has three eyes and a reptilian appearance, similar to that of Reptilicus, the Mogenars and the statues/busts around Bryyo. On top of this, Mogenar's battle theme is extremely similar to Kraid's.
  • In a Toys "R" Us commercial, "Kraid's Toy Shop" is shown, in Tourian, to be sold out of NES games.
  • Kraid's size changes throughout the games. For example, in Metroid, he is about the same size as Samus, whereas in Super Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission, he's roughly 65 ft. tall. In Super Smash Bros Melee he is even larger.
  • Strangely, according to the official Metroid: Zero Mission web site, Kraid is over two stories tall, the low-end being three stories. This would mean Kraid is 9.9 meters tall (32.5 ft.), nearly half of his height in-game.
  • The Squizzard boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2 bears subtle similarities to Kraid. Such similarities include the weak point being the mouth, and spiked projectiles being fired by the flick of a hand. The Squizzard is also half in the ground, similar to Kraid in Super Metroid.
  • The color of Samus' suit during the cut-scene with Kraid rising before her in Zero Mission will vary depending on whether or not the Varia Suit is acquired prior to the battle.


24 Metriod Prime Concepts

Greg Luzniak concept art.

  • Comics
  • Cartoon (Incomplete list)
  • Metroid, Sweet Metroid
  • NES Remix 2


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