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''My best friend was actually working at Nintendo while we were in college, and I needed a job. He mentioned to me that he was able to play games while answering the phones. I couldn't believe it, so I went to the temp agency and let them know that I wanted to work at Nintendo. Well, I got the job, but they put me on a production line in their production department. It was fine, but I wanted to be on the phones playing games. I ended up going back to the agency and they transferred me to the consumer service department so I could play games and answer phones!

—Kyle Hudson [1]

Kyle Hudson

Kyle Hudson is a former product testing manager at Nintendo of America. A longtime employee of Nintendo, Hudson began as a game play counselor in 1988, answering calls on the Nintendo Power Hotline. He worked at Nintendo until 2012, having ascended to the role of product testing manager in 2001. During his time at Nintendo, Hudson tested several Metroid games, including Metroid Prime, Metroid: Zero Mission, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Metroid Prime Hunters, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Metroid: Other M. For Prime, Hunters, Echoes and Corruption, Hudson was the testing manager, and a supervisor for the latter two. His last credit to date was under special thanks in Mario Party 9.

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