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Real Kzan

Kzan is the debug name for an obstacle in Super Metroid.

Present in the Wrecked Ship and Ridley's Lair, the Kzan is a grey platform with three spikes underneath it, serving as both a hazard and a helpful object. The platforms appear in the area of the Wrecked Ship that is submerged in water, and rest on the ceiling when the ship has no power. However, after Phantoon's death, they reactivate. They can sometimes land on top of Samus and crush her, draining her energy at rapid rates before they go back up.


  • Disturbingly, the spiked platforms seem to be stained by what appears to be human blood.
  • The fact that the top can be safely touched while the bottom cannot makes Kzan similar to the Seed platforms found within Leviathan Seeds.