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Kraid's Lair Entrance

The entrance statue to Kraid's Lair in Super Metroid.

A "Lair Entrance Statue" is a construction resembling a monster present in rooms leading to the respective lairs of Kraid and Ridley in Metroid, Metroid: Zero Mission and Super Metroid. Each game presents them in a different fashion, but they are always present in rooms containing elevators to these Lairs, or in rooms next to an elevator.

In the original Metroid, the statues appeared to be made out of the same rocky terrain as found in Brinstar and Norfair, colored blue and red, respectively. The statue in the elevator room leading to Kraid was constructed in the shape of a quadrupedal monster with an extended neck, leaning its head down toward Samus with the body standing on blocks. Its head is disproportionate, similar to a Geega. The Ridley counterpart simply had two heads, both protruding from rock formations in the walls.

Zero Mission retcons these statues as rounded, more reptilian heads with no body for the Kraid statue, and mouths closed. This time they are blue (Kraid) and purple (Ridley). Both statue heads crumble after Samus returns from the respective Lairs, possibly as a result of the deaths of both Space Pirate leaders. The walls behind each statue head open up new passages for Samus.

In Super Metroid, a blue monster statue very similar to the original game appears in a similar room as well, this may suggest it is the original statue and room, although modified. This is because Samus now passes through the monster's mouth to access Kraid's Lair rather than using an elevator (there is an elevator in the room, but it leads to Norfair). To access Kraid's Lair, Super Missiles are required to break through Super Missile Blocks in the elevator room wall, revealing the room with this statue. The statue at the entrance to Ridley's lair resembles his head, with its maw open, again for Samus to pass through. The actual elevator room to Ridley's Lair features rock formations in the shape of arms protruding from the ceiling.



The entrance to Ridley's Lair in Super Metroid.

  • The Ridley's Lair entrance statue in Super Metroid is referred to as a "portal" on page 19 of Nintendo Power volume 60 (May 1994).
"This portal leads to another large area in Norfair. The adventure continues!"
  • The aforementioned statue resembles the entrance to Gatorland, a crocodile preserve and theme park in Orlando, Florida.
  • Another rock formation in Ridley's Lair resembles the face of a monster, with a green orb embedded into the rock. Samus can pass through the "mouth" and run along an "arm" to find an Energy Tank.
  • The ceiling of the green honeycomb corridor with the three green Zebesians and Mini-Kraid has spikes and eye like jewels that resemble a face.