Landing Site A is a room on SkyTown, Elysia. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


As the name suggests, this room is a Landing Site for Samus' Gunship. There is a Chozebo here on Samus' first visit, which AU 217 partially unlocks for her. Samus finishes the unlocking process by using a Bomb Slot. The room has an elevator down to the actual landing pad, where Samus can call her gunship to land and save or leave SkyTown. This room has particular use after the destruction of the Elysia Seed Shield, as it is the closest area where Samus can save. Other than this, the room has little importance itself.

Connecting roomsEdit

Hazard suit

Samus arrives at Landing Site A.



"In the year 400 of Elysian reckoning, the time for our Chozo creators to leave had arrived. To us they entrusted the station and its purpose. We were to stand vigil and watch over the station until the time when others seeking knowledge and enlightment arrived. With their departure came one last request from the Chozo Searcher - to continue exploring the skies for the answers to the mysterious planet. We gave her our word and resumed her tireless search. Day after day we hunted for the answers she desperately sought, but our efforts yielded nothing. We failed."

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