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Super Metroid Mother Brain hyperbeam

The Laser Brain Attack (as named in the Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide) is one of Mother Brain's attacks in Super Metroid and, while having a slow startup time to charge, is seemingly the strongest weapon the Pirate leader has ever used. Mother utilized it against Samus Aran during their Final Conflict. It is a conical, multicolored, flashing beam that makes Mother Brain shift colors as well (similar to the Hyper Beam that Samus receives shortly). It is unavoidable, and will drain three of Samus's Energy Tanks (6 if the Varia Suit is not equipped) along with all of her Missile, Super Missile and Power Bomb Ammo, but not all the Missiles at once.

It is known that the Laser Brain Attack drains just over 65 Missiles in one shot. After being attacked with the beam, Samus can use her remaining Missiles against Mother Brain until she either depletes them or is attacked again. If Samus does not have 3 Energy Tanks (or 6 without the Varia Suit) remaining when Mother Brain first uses the attack, then the blast will eventually kill her, resulting in a Game Over. After the attack is finished, if Samus does not have enough energy to withstand another blast, she will not be able to move. If she does have enough energy, Mother Brain will simply use the attack again. Eventually, the shots will become so frequent that Samus will not be able to move between them. Once Samus has been rendered helpless, Mother Brain will throw a few projectiles at her while screaming, then starts charging one final Laser Brain Attack before the baby comes to Samus's rescue. The baby seemingly absorbs the blast of the weapon at the same time she is firing it, given the fact that Mother Brain is shifting colors while the Metroid is latched onto her. Mother Brain no longer uses the Laser Brain Attack afterward as a result of being damaged and/or the baby having absorbed the energy, or the actual beam, required to fire it.

Mother Brain CA

Metroid: Other M Gallery Mode

In Metroid: Other M, it is possible that the Laser Brain Attack appears as Mother Brain's fatal blow to the Metroid baby. Mother Brain did appear to be charging energy for a moment before she fired an orange beam from her eye that pierced the Metroid. If the attack was the Laser Brain Attack, then the attack was changed from a conical, color-shifting ray to a more focused, plain orange beam. Mother Brain also seems to glow briefly, like she did in Super Metroid, although the glow is also orange. However, Mother Brain was also capable of firing another type of energy from her eye that was similar to a Zebesian Pirate's plasma. However, the beams fired by Zebesians in Other M do not resemble Mother Brain's attack at all. Considering that the cutscene never shows Mother Brain directly firing the Laser Brain Attack at Samus, it is impossible to tell whether it is truly the actual Laser Brain Attack or not.

The Laser Brain Attack returns for the first time in 20 years, in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, as the Assist Trophy Mother Brain's attack. It retains its Super Metroid sound effects.


  • Even with the Gravity Suit enabled, it is the Varia Suit that lowers the damage from the Laser Brain Attack. When the Gravity Suit is worn without the Varia or neither Suit is worn, the Attack drains six Energy Tanks, but the number is reduced to 300 with only the Varia Suit enabled. This is odd given that the Gravity Suit is supposed to reduce damage even further than the Varia Suit.
  • Given that Mother Brain was said to have created Samus's Power Suit in the 2002 manga, it is possible that the Laser Brain Attack was engineered specifically to counter Samus' Power Suit.

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